More of the same

Started work early as ever, and not done till six. Feeling stressed and worn out first thing, after a terrible night's sleep. Goalposts moved at work, new ideas demanded. Keith iller than an ill thing still. Somehow he managed to work a bit, and I did what I could to cover us. A real slog and despite this we got some good ideas together -- and my presentation was met with underwhelmed disparagement at the end of the day which was galling. One day on this job left thank God. I turned down a tempting offer to work with Pat next week. I need to stop before I explode, and there is manuscript deadline next week I must meet.

Lorraine back to school today. A young guy came to look at our path to the front door that we need re doing. Brian came out with me, and instantly fell in love with him. Smoothing on him, rolling over and miaowing happily. Never seen Brian do this with any stranger.

Only very short opportunities to do any walking. Really unfit at the moment.