Lunch with Madeline

The news is so horrible, it was a really nice diversion after a morning of my own writing to walk into town at lunchtime and met Madeline and Seán at the Flint House for a light lunch and a glass of wine.

Excellent small plates, a glass of wine and excellent company. After lunch Seán had to go off a meeting and left Madeline and I chatting. Couldn't help thinking how our dear mutual friend Janet would have loved to have been there with us. But an excellent result of such a sad affair that we are now friends. Madeline has been very much involved in creating the Ellen Hutchens Festival to celebrate her ancestor the Irish botanist Ellen Hutchens. Seán is a consultant doctor, who has been involved in writing a report in Ireland which was spoken about in the Irish parliament. Very interesting folks.

Afterwards Madeline and I had coffee in the ice cream place across the way and we parted fondly, as Madeline made off to find Seán and I walked home in the drizzle. The Germans sending me a smidge of freelance tomorrow. All well.

Lorraine doing her exercises tonight. I cooked and we watched light television before an early night.