Dictator star signs

Up and sauntered around the corner to buy bread for breakfast. A mainly restful day, although I had a couple of hours editing on the podcast to do. We watched with Sam a recording Lorraine had access to during the course of her work which was about autism. And Sam gave us his perspective on it, with the benefit of having a late diagnosis. Hearing him talk about it, with this context, was good. His kind, considerate nature and intelligence means I forget to take his different perspective into account sometimes.   

After a spot of decluttering of the house, Lorraine I went with Sam to the Cleveland for a burger and a couple of pints of Harveys beer. Both very nice. Beginning to feel just like old times in the pub now, despite covid rates climbing again, although the notices about forthcoming price rises was a bum note.

Having to ration my intake of Ukraine news, a technique I learned during Covid. Putin, always a bit of a thug, is clearly now mentally ill. The way this world is structured so that one malfunctioning person can create global danger is crazy. At least democracy gives people the chance to substitute the players every now and then. I discovered a new thing too. Horoscope propaganda. I idly googled Putin's horoscope, and found a page discussing it (he is a Libra exactly like me) praising his diplomacy and guile, then out of nowhere came a comparison with Zelenskyy who was described as having the horoscope of a dictator.  The venn diagram of politics and horoscopes.