Using a different part of my brain

A bit sluggish this morning. Off to my stained glass group this morning, after I got up early and finished the design for what I wanted to build. Then walked off to Evolution Arts while listening to Rabbit, Run, by John Updike. You can see that in the shot of the worktop with my design in black lines. It will be mostly shades of grey, with a pale Victorian yellow background, and  two small chips of red in it to make the green sing.

A good session, with Ben being very helpful, and a quick cup of coffee with Mick the former electrical lecturer afterwards, before I walked home and got on with thinking about poems and doing a bit of billing. I find these classes are opening up a section of my brain which has been dormant for a while, the one containing practical ability, common sense and so on. As a complete beginner it is quite nice to be in a situation where you are learning everything from scratch, such as how to cut bits from the different coils of lead, and the sheer fitting of things together like a big jigsaw. The task I accidentally set myself is quite technical, however, with overlapping glass, but with Ben's help I hope I can get there. I find myself really liking glass as a material and feel uplifted by the colours.

Out in the evening to the Preston Park Tavern with Lorraine for a quick bite, before returning home to watch more of those binge-able Cylons in Battlestar Galactica.