Nibbling glass

Walked over to Evolution arts today, and enjoyed working on my stained glass. Receiving lots of encouragement from Ben Conti the teacher and the others who are liking my design and colour choices. I've been using different thicknesses of lead too. Ben teaching me lots and being very supportive. Finding I enjoy using pliers to nibble bits of glass to shape, and using the glass grinder to reduce the size of a piece by a smidge.

Had a coffee with Chris, the retired teacher, afterwards. A thoughtful, interesting man, who has also written short stories and done travel writing for magazines. He travels lots now, and went to Brazil towards the end of last year and said it was quite dangerous, due to economic reasons, and he told me about seeing a man waving a gun around in the street near the coach station. He said he was interested in how geographical and historical factors influence national character, and we had a conversation about whether national character exists or not.

Bright sunshine today, and a gorgeous light on the see when you glimpsed. I repaired to my reg'lar Starbucks, via the Pavilion gardens where I ate a sandwich keeping an eye out for gulls and pigeons. In the cafe, I worked on a poem for a few hours, before walking home again listening to Rabbit, Run. Home, and with little energy, I finished watching the last episodes of BoJack Horseman, which is an excellent series on Netflix.

Lorraine home from working in school, and we finished yesterday's delicious chicken and ham pie. Neither of us feeling like going out tonight, so we spent yet another obsessive night in with the Cylons.