Sorting Saturday

Up reasonably early for a Saturday. I sloped down the road to buy a chewy brown loaf and made Lorraine and I breakfast of egg and bacon sandwiches. Anton called around for coffee as we were finishing them, and to get some official documents witnessed. He has been to meditation and enjoyed it, and was generally in a good mood.

While Anton was here Sarah called around with the young Zach, who briefly dazzled us with his mathematical skills, to drop off  Sin Cycle with her comments.  Zach a delightful boy, and was impressed that Lorraine was a headteacher apparently. Anton left soon after, with shopping to be done. He and I will go for a beer on Wednesday all being well.

I had a look a bit later at Sarah's comments, she had put much work and thought into it, as she does everything, all in her very characteristic handwriting. Once you tune into it, it becomes legible and all the more exciting for having deciphered it.

I then had another slightly manic bout of The Big Sort Out today, and caught Lorraine up in my enthusiasm, and we threw pairs of old shoes, and unwanted clothes to be recycled. It is a weird irony that having thrown out some shoes I rediscovered some shoes that were really comfortable and warm and new. It is one of life's ironies that when you throw out stuff you gain things, like how I have to go to the barbers more often now I have less hair.

After things were sorted, we had a bit of downtime before bussing down the hill into town to meet Penny and Steve in Indian Summer. Lorraine and I were a little early, so we had a cheeky in the Druid's Head first. A really tasty meal in Indian Summer, and nice chatting with Penny and Steve again. I drank Tusker beers in there which were nice too.

Lorraine and I bussing back home again, and were home in time for Match of the Day. A happy day.