End of the Kentish Adventure

A bright start, and Lorraine and I boofed downstairs at The Milk House for a decent breakfast and coffee, before we started to pack up. I slipped across the road to a strangely unfriendly village store to buy some toothpaste. We checked out. Luckily Lorraine was on the ball and stopped the place from mistakenly overcharging us. Turns out we yesterday walked only metres past Lake Chad, which is a former millpond renamed Lake Chad in 1908 when the son of the landowner mapped Lake Chad in Africa.

On with our drive through lovely Kent countryside towards Ashford. Here we stopped off at a business park not far from Pat and Maureen's house which was composed almost entirely of car dealerships. We went into the Seat one and looked at one or two year old Leons and Atecas, and then off to a Nissan dealership to look at Qashqais. Used car salesmen are up there with Estate agents and lawyers on the weasel front. Then to another lot where we walked about in the cold wind and peered at cars till we decided we had enough and went to Pat and Maureen's for a cup of tea. They were watching curling on the winter olympics and looking after their neighbour's dog called Nick. Nick very protective of Maureen. Nick likes biting people, and had a go at an workman who called around the other week to its owner's house. It was eyeing my calves too, and I wasn't sad to see the back of it.

Later we went out to Dunelm Mill in the rain to look at curtain fabrics and bought some curtains and a lightshade. And returned home to eat the excellent cottage pie that Maureen had prepared. Lorraine's nephew Pete is moving out of Pat and Maureen's into his own flat this week with his girlfriend Charlene. He was pleased and excited by this, and we bought him some glasses to take there.

I was feeling a bit chilled and tired today, and despite wearing two jumpers and Pat draping a blanket over my legs I found it hard to get warm. 

Home on the motorway, pouring with rain and busy. The cats pleased to see us, having been fed by young Erin from next door. Nice to be home. Had a hot drink and watched another episode of Battlestar Galactica before bed.