Taking a breath

The day seemed to zoom past today. Got up fairly early, Lorraine having brought me a cup of tea in bed, and I wrote some bits, reworked some copy as a favour for Catherine, looked at the cover proposal for the Telltale anthology and made suggestions, was contacted by Fernanda and did a smidge extra on the work we were doing yesterday. I had plans of perhaps going into London on the weekly pass I bought, but ran out of time. Instead I went on a two hour walk down to the sea and around and about, wearing my flat cap because it was cold. Forgot to take any snaps, but it was good thinking time and I easily passed my ten thousand paces.

Nice to be sucking in the sea air after being working in corporate goldfish bowl offices for three days. Holding onto my hat on the pier, which is undergoing some maintenance, and men were welding things in the strutty bits underneath over the water.

Home, and cooked for the lovely Mrs Kenny, added food and judiciously added a glass of beer when she got home somewhat frazzled.