In the Waggon

As a consequence of doing nothing yesterday, Lorraine stressed about all the work she has to do before we can escape to Japan thus negating the inactivity of the day before. Excitedly emailing Romy about our trip. I am really looking forward to seeing her and Toby, as well as Hiroko again in a few weeks.  

Up to Edgware to see Mum and Mas. Arrived at lunchtime and off to the old Waggon and Horses pub near Elstree for Sunday lunch and a few drinks. Or at least Mum and I had the drinks (in the wagon rather than on the wagon) as Mas is on antibiotics for his post-flu chest, and Lorraine was driving. Pleasant time there near an open fire, and decent food too.

Mum and Mas gave me a strange gloopy rat thing that when you thrown it down on a table top looks like a splatted egg, but gradually reassembles into a rat shape. This will come in handy. Home to Edgware and looking at the new carpet upstairs they have had put in, as well as the redecorating that mum has done. And collecting a few LPs that Mum insists are mine. Lorraine, meanwhile, in saintly mode helping Mas with his IT before we had to set off.

Phoned Janet when I got back, who is going for an angiogram tomorrow and is understandably a little apprehensive. A quick watch of Chelsea winning again on Match of the Day before bed, conscious of the rough beast of Monday slouching to be born.