First hurdles

Janet in hospital today, so got up early and went to the gym early too, but feeling drained and heavy. Luckily when I returned from the gym, Ken phoned to say that he and his son Nick were collecting Janet early as they had seen her quickly.. I spoke to her later, and she said they were going to give her a stent, but apparently this is something they can do by passing it up a vein rather than more drastic surgery. Amazing what they can do these days. Janet having the stent put in over the next couple of weeks and was pleased to have got the first hurdle over.

After a bit of writing, I went for a haircut, always a good idea on a Monday as, apart from me and the four barbers, the place was full of tumbleweed and crows. Nice chat with the barber about Japan, and then the guy who cut my hair before the wedding, asked me how it went, which was nice.

Otherwise bits and pieces of work, sent poems to a magazine, bought next year's diary an OCD-specified red Moleskine week per view and cooked for myself and Lorraine. All good.