Ending with bean jar

Up before the sparrows and off to Victoria, a bus from there to an agency I haven't worked with before near Goodge Street tube. Feeling a bit run down having had a stomach upset for the last couple of days. However London looking rather lovely from a bus top. A couple of old faces I knew from former agencies, and was greeted nicely. A long-seeming day battling with tiredness. Snuck off at lunch to buy a book of plays by Ionesco by way of being in a quiet atmosphere.

Caught a bus to Victoria, which went down Oxford Street. The chief decoration this year seems to be hundreds of silver globes in the air. Some of the window displays remarkable.  Listening to the very short audiobook A grief observed, by C.S.Lewis. Some fine writing in it, although I don't share his orientations.

Home after eight, and Lorraine training governors on school data tonight. Spoke to mum, the heated up a  bowl of bean jar and felt pretty good about it. Lorraine home and fed the same. Both tired and ready for bed.