More self discipline today, and made discernible progress on the editing. Gah. In the afternoon off to the gym. En route I stopped off at two pubs, as I am still trying to find a location for my birthday bash. The Joker, where the manager couldn't be bothered to speak to me until I insisted, and the Nelson. My two favoured venues having already gone. Neither of these today were right. A good session in the gym. Home and showered and worked more.

Chatted to Mum who was going out with Mas to a country pub tonight, and Toby who had a major health MOT today in Canada, and all is well.

Watched Netflix tonight, as Lorraine has gone into reading mode, with J.K. Rowling's detective novels. I watched two episodes of Tales of the City, based on Armistead Maupin's stories of the same name. I read some of these in the eighties when I was living with Janet and Ken.  

Briefly enraged today thinking how the idiots in the Brexit party turned their back on Ode To Joy in the European parliament. That's just offensive and portrays Britain as a nation of louts. I can't bear it.