Forgotten pond

Another gorgeous day -- and frighteningly we've now started the second half of the year. Got up had muesli and made a short list and got working on the children's book. In the afternoon I mooched about around Hollingbury Hill and bits of woodland there. There is something healing to the soul about walking in woods. It is certainly an antidote to editing the same text for the 100th time. Listening to The Time Machine for part of my walk. I had to give up on First Men on the Moon, as I found it strangely unlistenable. TTM far better. But there were big sections of  the walk, especially in the woods, where I just pulled out my ears and listened instead to the wind in the trees and the birds, and thought that life is sweet. Home and back to work.

Salmon and salad tonight. L and I press on. This is not a diet, it is a way of life. L and I reading in bed tonight -- I'm on Arthur Machen still. 

Below, the pond near the hill fort.  I had completely forgotten its existence till I stumbled on it again.