Dawn of the Bronze Age

So, so long Beast from the East. It slipped off northwards. Noticeably milder when I got up and fed the cats and made Lorraine and I tea and breakfast. I had a decent night's sleep too, which was splendid, and so I felt more robust than yesterday. The snow in the back garden, crisscrossed with fox prints and cat prints melted during the day. We stayed in bed till late, with one of the heaters breathing the smell of scorched dust into the air.

Lorraine has constructed a big chart stuck onto the fridge called 'We can do it', plotting the year's weightloss. The plan is to drop half a kilo a week. Weighed ourselves again this morning, and we are doing well. I have lost about three and a half kilos in the last two weeks, quite remarkable considering that this last week, I did little exercise other than Olympic freestyle coughing.

In the afternoon off to a Nissan car dealership and we bought a Qashqai. Nissan scorn the letter 'u' obviously. A car salesman who was cheery enough. Lorraine sitting with the salesman and me in the back had a test drive. I'm actually quite excited that Lorraine is getting a new car. It has wee cameras to help with parking, and built-in satnav and bluetooth stuff so you can play things from your iPhones and DAB radio among other things. It is a car for the 21st Century. And it has a colour too... A kind of bronze.  Lorraine really relieved that we have finally decided. She will pick it up next week, handy as her current car is literally a write off as repairing it will cost more than the car is worth.

Home, and we switched the boiler on, which kicked back into life. The condensation outlet having thawed. Pleased by this, but it does beg the question of the point of a heating system that stops effing working at the very moment you most need it.

In the evening off to Cuckfield to attend Jess's birthday party. Enjoyed myself there,  as I had spent the week coughing and talking to very few folks. Also drank some beer, which I had not done much of for a while now and spoke at great length to a couple called Trevor and Natalie. Obviously I warmed to Natalie straight away when she said how much she loved Guernsey. Please to see Andrew, now recovered from his op and talking of holidays.